12 Years of Freedom and a $12,000 Challenge
Toward the Next 12 Years of Freedom

You can double freedom for mustangs by doubling your summer/fall gift to Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary with the sanctuary’s 12 years for $12,000 Challenge Grant. All gifts made to the sanctuary this summer and fall will be matched up to $12,000 through the generosity of Sue and Pete Herman, long-time supporters of the Sky band of mustangs and their freedom. Join in celebrating the wildness of mustangs and the 12 years the Sky band has enjoyed since the first mustangs bolted to freedom on the just-opened Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2007! With this Challenge Grant

$50 becomes $100 and provides a veterinary check for a Sky mustang.
$65 becomes $130 and gives 2 months of range for a Sky mustang.
$125 becomes $250 for Luna’s farrier care to keep her healthy and free.
$500 becomes $1000 and gives 1 year of freedom for a Sky Mustang.
$1000 becomes $2000 and gives freedom for more mustangs in need.